FUTUROBI is an adorable little robot from the future, who asks children to help him to save the Earth.

FUTUROBI is more than just a fictional hero. Having earned the children’s trust and love, the little robot will teach them to think in a positive way and adopt an environmentally-friendly and health-conscious attitude. In addition to having a lot of fun, children will have their personality, ethos, social sensibility and intelligence, and empathy developed.

Each of FUTUROBI’s adventures highlights the need of changing our lifestyle! According to plenty of experts, the next generation is the last that has the opportunity of taking steps to save the Earth; therefore, we need to change their attitude for the better. We need to teach them to take care of the planet and their own health.

The stories offering important social lessons and guidance, in which, while flying into the future, FUTUROBI and his friend, Dani are trying to head off environmental and health-related catastrophes caused by the people, help our heroes and us to complete this mission. Embarking on a number of exciting adventures, the two friends take up the fight against the Junk Monsters, the Keepers of Energy and similar evils, only to realise that the solution is in the present: the negative tendencies can only be curbed if people act here and now, with the help of the children.