The Characters

Meet and learn more about the extraordinary characters of the FUTUROBI cartoon series.


An adorable robot from the future with remarkable capabilities comes to ask for the help of today’s kids to solve the problems of the future.

He has a time machine (which is also a spaceship, aircraft, submarine, etc.), and he can materialize almost everything with the nanoprojectors built in his hands, from butterfly nets to robot parts to chocolate. He is also able to fly and with his high-tech glasses he can see invisible things as well.


Dani is a boy from the present. He is always tinkering on things even at home and this only increases with FUTUROBI’s help. He is smart and always has a creative (and often technical) solution to a problem. His weakness is chocolate. He is also secretly in love with Gabi.


Gabi is an intuitive, open minded girl, a bit older than Dani. She is also an artist and always decorates, or “redesigns” as she puts it, Dani’s constructions (about which Dani is generally not very happy, but in the end he always accepts her modifications).

She is a skillful gymnast and has basic martial arts training (which she thinks is much more serious than it really is, and thus has gotten into trouble more than once). She also loves to dance and just fool around.


FUTUROBI’s creator - a black renaissance man/scientist. His whereabouts are currently unknown; no one knows where he is or what happened to him. Has he been abducted by aliens? Is he stuck in another dimension? Although from time to time he contacts FUTUROBI and the kids and advises them, he never reveals where he is.


FUTUROBI and his friends face an environmental or health problem in every episode, but these problems are manifest in some more or less tangible form in the future.

When the problem is excessive waste, its manifestation is the Junk Monsters; in the wasted energy episode, the Energysiphons not only feed on wasted energy, but they also attack the noble race of the Keepers of the Energy; in the water crisis episode, Sand Pirates sailing the dried out seas cause headaches for the protagonists; in the dental care episode, they battle the toothdecay plaque on the side of the Knights of the Enamel; in the episode about nutrition, they receive training against the Zaba ninjas from the Good Food Samurai.