The Cartoon Series

The most important element of the FUTUROBI project is the cartoon series, the 13 episodes of which help the children embark on exciting and instructive adventures. Accompanied by a catchy film score, the end of the 9-minute episodes provides the children with advice on environment and health protection.

Click to play video!Watch the trailer of FUTUROBI’s exciting adventures in the future, shown at the 2011 Cartoon Forum Polska. The trailer shows you how bravely FUTUROBI and his friend, Dani fight against the dreadful Junk Monster.

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When we created FUTUROBI, our intention was to bring a friendly character, representing a variety of social values to life. Our aim is to create an international edutainment brand for children, which, in addition to being entertaining, will encourage them to think and act.


The Earth of the future is a fantastic place… but it’s in danger! As FUTUROBI and his friends travel back and forth in time, they embark on a series of exciting adventures to save the planet from looming environmental and health catastrophes… only to find out that the problems of the future can only be solved by acting now.