Episode Examples

The episodes follow a basically similar story structure. Each episode focuses on an individual environmental or health related issue. Read the story of a few episodes!

The Warriors against the Junk Monsters

In the future, there is so much garbage piling up on the Earth that it starts to turn into living monsters. Our heroes try to catch them with butterfly nets and build trashcan robots, only to realize that they have to fight against their enemies in the present. Dani meets the Warriors against the Junk Monsters, and gives the viewers advice on how they can battle against the Junk Monsters.

The Keepers of Energy

Living on the people’s wasted energy, the Energysiphons fatten up so much in the future that they threaten the existence of the robot race known as the Keepers of Energy. Dani tries to ground the Energysiphon with mousetraps baited with batteries. The idea seems to work until a storm comes and the Energysiphons grow so much that they can no longer be caught with traps. So, Futurobi and his friends must return to the present to prevent their growth here.

The Sailors of Waterdrop

Owing to the wasteful use of water, almost all the water has disappeared from the planet in the future. Huge pirate ships hunt for prey in order to seize their valuable water. Gabi is captured by the pirates, and Dani meets the crew of a boat called Waterdrop. Dani makes an attempt to rescue Gabi, whom the pirates are about to throw overboard to the sand sharks. However, Dani is also on the plank soon to be cast to the sharks. They jump… onto the deck of the Waterdrop. Returning to the present, they the viewers give advice on how to save water.

The Knights of the White Enamel

In the future, it has become quite the fashion not to brush ones teeth; therefore, everyone has rotten teeth, and due to the unbearable pain they behave like zombies. Our heroes make a special liquid painkiller that they shoot in the people’s mouth ... and they shrink themselves down and go into one of the patient’s mouth. Here, they meet a dentist from the Order of the Knights of the White Enamel, who leads a war against bacteria attacking the tooth. They realize that they’ve only cured one man and there are a lot more people in need of help. So they travel back to the present and advise children on how to properly care for their teeth.

Journey to the Land of the Mutant Fruits

Agricultural farms are in a rather disgraceful situation in the future. With the aim of gaining total control of the planet, the huge, genetically modified veggies and fruits want to inflict a heavy defeat on humanity. FUTUROBI and Dani set out on an exciting journey to the land of the mutant plants and get into a fierce fight with them. Finally, our heroes realize that the only solution is to prevent the proliferation of the huge plants in the present, by consuming natural organic fruits and vegetables instead of genetically modified food.