An interactive multimedia eco-playroom will open its gates in Nyíregyháza, Hungary, in January 2012. Here children can try a variety of exciting interactive games, talk to real robots, and a meet real-life FUTUROBI.

The FUTUROBI playroom to be built from the funding granted by Environment and Energy Operational Programme (EEOP) will not be just a simple amusement park and child-care centre. As part of the environment and health education, children can play with games and discuss topics that convey significant environment-protection advice and teach them how to lead a healthy life – all of this in a playful and entertaining way.

Faithful to the FUTUROBI brand, not only the games but also the relating services will be developed to focus on adopting healthy lifestyle: instead of sweet soft drinks and crisps, the children will have a choice of freshly squeezed fruit juice and organic foodstuff.

  • Interactive Computer Vision Games
  • Hostess Robot
  • Environmental Camp
  • Healthy Snack Bar

Along with a central building, the 4.000 m2 area hosting the FUTUROBI playroom will also give home to 8 wooden houses and an outdoor playroom, so the range of possibilities is endless: it can be a perfect venue for environment classes or a boarding health camp during the summer time.