360° Brand Experience

We have dreamed a complete international entertaining and educative brand around FUTUROBI, which, by combining a wide variety of genres, is created to get its message of environment- and health-awareness to the children.

Click to play video!When we created FUTUROBI, we intended to bring an friendly character to life, which represents a variety of social values. FUTUROBI enables us to achieve these objectives easily, as the character and the stories can be adapted to a wide range of genres, so that we can reach as wide an audience as possible through various communication channels.


”FUTUROBI and the Warriors against the Junk Monsters” is the first publication of a comic book series. In this story, the waste which has contaminated the Earth comes to life and wants total domination over the people. FUTUROBI, however, finds a solution to save the planet.

  • A series of printed comic books
  • Interactive online comic book
  • Activity books for classroom use


In today’s fast-paced world, even children now have a higher stimulus threshold and a slightly less entertaining educational cartoon simply cannot compete against the popular, sheer entertainment cartoons of today. The FUTUROBI project, therefore, deliberately targets the fun side of this spectrum: our aim is to be a popular cartoon series while still delivering a message to a wide audience of children.

  • Episodes focuse on environment and health protection
  • Important social messages
  • Lessons that children can learn quickly and easily


Today’s children spend a considerable time, sometimes even hours, in front of computers. Our aim is to make online browsing an interesting and useful activity.

  • Online community site and seach engine for kids
  • “Alternate Reality” online game


The key elements of the FUTUROBI project include a variety of special games: as the co-producing company’s main activities include game development, the possibilities of developing and launching a game that spreads the message for the need to live an environmentally friendly and health-conscious life are endless.

  • Mobile games
  • Game-console developments
  • Advergaming


Our plans include a musical for children, with cutting-edge technical solutions: real and virtual actors would play in front of 3D, projected backgrounds.

  • Roadshow in children gardens and schools
  • DVD/CD release
  • International adaptations